Her name is Vanessa Morales, is sixteen-years-old, is a junior, and looks a lot like Ashley Benson. 

Her personality is:

  • + Confident, brave, funny, smart
  • - Manipulative, prone to lying, tricky

Her siblings are:

  • Melissa Morales, her seventeen-year-old half-sister. Melissa and Vanessa share a complicated relationship, and aren’t exactly the most compatible siblings. Most of their tension roots from the fact that they share different dads and strive to get the attention of both of their parents. Although sometimes they can get along well (upon the topic of clothes, gossip, and fashion), at least one of them is trying to sabotage the other’s back in Westside. 

Her home life is:

  • Vanessa only gets to see her biological dad every once in a while. She doesn’t get to meet up with him that very often, but she secretly wishes that he was living with them. The idea of this seems very unlikely, especially since he’s dating some young whore off the streets.
  • Vanessa’s step-father is nice enough. She knows that he’s trying to get on her good side; haven’t the hordes of clothes and brownies proved all of that? Her feelings for him mainly remain negative, but the fact that he is willing to do anything for her puts this at an advantage for Vanessa, and she’s willing to take it.
  • Her relationship with her mom is more neutral and toned down than the rest. They aren’t the closest, but they still treat each other with respect and would be alright if they had to spend an entire day with one another.

Club(s) she is in include:

  • Volleyball team. Vanessa absolutely hates her volleyball team, and she thinks that she can do way better than them. She strives her best to participate, but the fact that most of her teammates annoy the hell out of her only makes her mood worse.

Other facts about Vanessa include:

  • Vanessa is really good at lying and manipulation, and is often joked to be called the “pathological liar” of the family. But, believe it or not, she is capable of telling the truth and having a heart. She just needs someone there to comfort and love her.
  • Most of her time is dedicated to shopping, her friends, or texting. She hates having to interact with anybody else out of her close circle.
  • Her specialty is bad-mouthing people. It doesn’t seem as if she has a specific reason why, but she hates almost half of the people in her school. In her opinion, she is way better than all of them, and can’t wait to graduate to college so that she could leave all of her annoying schoolmates behind.

The role of Vanessa is open.

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